I am grateful that those days were over.  My husband worked as a manager for almost 10 years and well paid. He enjoyed his job for less than five years where things were not that stressful and less pressure. Too bad, the time came where he decided to gave it up because he was no longer happy. Our family needs to made a drastic changes financially. Gave up some things that we like to buy and places we like to visits.

He got anew job where he fixed cars. Lasts night he came home and told me that he had a good day at work. Asked him why? He had a car that has the estimated of 15 1/2 working hours and he had it done for under three hours. When it comes to experience he has it for over 30 years. He learned so many techniques over the years. How I wish that my husband will come home with a good day at work everyday. It is like hearing a music.