My husband was checking the mailbox and we got something that interest him. It is like a seminar for people who are interested in preparing for their financial retirement of how and what to do. Came in two different classes. To be part of this, there is a tuition of $49.00 and registration needs to be done in advance. In this class a person will learn on how to:

-determine the amount of money you need to retire

-create your own goals for a “successful retirement”

-eliminate debt and  improve cash flow

-properly convert your IRA to a Roth IRA

-select the retirement plan distribution choice that is right for you

-plan your retirement income to preserve a comfortable standard of living

-transfer the risk of potential financial losses before or during retirement

-reduce or eliminate taxes, expenses, delays and legal challenges with estate planning

These are important aspects that a person should know and I am glad that my husband will goes for this class/ seminar. We need to be wise and be prepared for the future. Too bad as I cannot go with him. The baby will be born when that time comes. He is allowed to bring a spouse or a guest at no additional charge.