I love giving chocolates during holidays like Valentines and Christmas even birthdays too. Yes, I do because it is easy, handy and surely be love by the recipient. For a couple years, I was been buying and giving out the same chocolates. Too bad, I noticed their prices were up again! I decided to check online for possible stores that sell affordable chocolates. Asher’s was one of the result. I remembered a friend of mine mentioned how good and irresistible the chocolates from Asher’s.

For me, not to waste my money since it will be my first time to try the Asher’s chocolates, I tried to contact them for a free sample in exchange of my honest opinion/review. Surprisingly, they responded and sent me a box of Sugar Free Milk and Dark assortment.

I would say my friend was being honest:) Asher’s chocolates are simply the best! And, their prices are reasonable and affordable. My best picked are the following: coconut cluster, signature medallion and peanut butter bolster. Try it and you will love Asher’s! To buy Asher’s chocolate simply  visit them online at www.ashers.com.

Disclaimer: Opinion is 100% mine. I received the product from www.ashers.com for free in exchange for my honest review. There’s no monetary involve.