Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, despite of the cold and freezing weather. I loved shopping for Christmas ornaments, Christmas gifts and to do things that has something to do with Christmas. One fun thing, that my kids and I are really looking forward was the Christmas tree. Hubby, would get it out from the attic and put it up in the living room for us to decorate. We had the fun  decorating it last year.

Only the ornaments were old and I got online to check  on patience brewster, I was glad I did! I saw beautiful and hard to find ornaments at affordable prices. The one that I had on the photo was called “Pierre or Phyllis Ornament.”  Are not they cute? It is a male and female. My daughter will surely likes and will be so excited whenever she see this.

I am happy that i found this particular website, where ti gives me the freedom of shopping for ornaments all year long. It is worth checking them out today as they have new item arrived. They have a wide selection and does not only sell Christmas ornament but also other decorations and other accessories.